Top 5 at 5: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash & Litecoin price update


It seems the love cryptocurrencies received yesterday has faded.

Bitcoin is back below $8,000 floating near $7,988 at 17:35 GMT, down 1.78% on the day while Ethereum has ducked below $500 to $495, down 3.98%.

Ripple, having had a 19% jump yesterday, is down 7.57% to $0.64. Ripple’s dizzying heights could be explained by Santander’s announcement of a new blockchain-based foreign exchange service that will utilise Ripple’s efficient transaction process to transfer funds.

Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin have dipped 4% on the day to $735 and $125 respectively.

A large sell-off is expected this week with the US tax deadline hitting investors.

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