May 2018 Could Be Big For These Alt-Coins


It’s a new month, a new dawn a new day. April, overall has been pretty good to us. After a more than depressive March, we have seen some big recoveries over April, pushing the markets back up to some very respectable levels. Some currencies such as EOS have seen greater values than ever before during April, outlining a trend that investors do hope is set to continue.

Granted, other currencies did struggle on through April, failing to latch on to the mid-April market surge quite as eagerly as the major cryptocurrencies.

As we enter May, where should we be looking now?

Well, according to YouTuber Chronic Crypto, a few alt-coins should be grabbing May by the gonads, so to speak. You can see his latest video for yourself, here- (skip to 1:55, this dude talks a lot).

Otherwise, the following aims to outline his predictions, indeed, May 2018 could be big for these alt-coins.

Bear in mind that neither ourselves or Chronic Crypto are financial advisors, therefore any investments you make should be done so with due diligence and a high level of in depth research. Cryptocurrencies are volatile, whilst we try to make sensible predictions, it is often difficult to measure to what extent such predictions may become realities.

Chronic Crypto expects Verge to take off this month, as a result of the recent PornHub announcement. The Mindgeek monopoly is huge, and therefore the new PornHub integration will see interest in Verge peak, eventually. This is a sentiment we have discussed recently, I think what Chronic Crypto is saying here- don’t write Verge off, just yet.

Next, Chronic Crypto refers to Cardano having some potential successes in May 2018. This is based on a combination of its already high market cap and its recent climb in value. Chronic Crypto argues that the plan for Cardano is universal, it is a currency that aims to ‘do it all’. The ambition behind the team and the currency itself, could see this already respected coin, grow generously through the month.

Chronic Crypto’s next alt-coin is TokenPay. This is justified by TokenPay’s low circulating supply, of around just 15,300,000 TPAY. Moreover, TokenPay is a very new coin, it’s not even been around for a full month yet but already has a respectable market cap and quite a sturdy value. Chronic Crypto believes that this month will see TokenPay added to some major exchanges like Binance, these listings could help boost the value of TokenPay substantially. Finally, the production of the TokenPay debit card could see an element of adoption which will force TokenPay into the mainstream. Perhaps Chronic Crypto is being a bit optimistic assuming he believes this will all occur in May, regardless of that though, he is right in highlighting some of the benefits that this alt-coin boasts, which in turn could see it’s value shoot up over the coming weeks.

The next prediction from Chronic Crypto is TRON, TRON is one of the most trending currencies at the moment and therefore, coinciding with its new market cap ranking and pending announcements, Chronic Crypto expects TRON to really take off this month. This is a sentiment many people are now starting to agree with.

Finally, Chronic Crypto believes Substratum will also see some great success this month. Chronic Crypto see’s Substratum’s desire to liberate the internet as both inspiring and key to their success. As users can sell GPU in exchange for Substratum tokens, Chronic Crypto can see more people wanting to get involved within their platform. As their name develops a reputation over this month, Chronic Crypto expects Substratum to really pick up some value over May.

Chronic Crypto provides plenty of evidence to back his predictions. I will add here that these predictions obviously depend on the overall market climate and that realistically, whilst these currencies are indeed building a reputation for themselves, if the markets retreat, we can’t imagine any significant gains taking place within these currencies specifically. Indeed, things do look promising for the likes of TRON but remember, even currencies with a status as strong as TRON are subject to the volatile and hardy nature of the cryptocurrency markets.

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