TOP 5 Website Review ICO In The World


These are 5 websites which are considered as the most reliable and trusted by Blockchain expert and crypto-fan community

More and more new ICO Projects has been created. 2017 ICO and blockchain is a hot trend which has attracted many investors. And this trend is predicted to be mainstream from 2018 and the following year, even though media giants like Facebook and Google have banned crypto content on their platforms. Wading through a sea of ICO’s to invest in and find the right one can be such a challenge for the investor. This require patience, a ton of research and sometimes a little luck.
We hope this top 5 website will help you a lot in researching and selecting the best opportunity for your investment!

1.ICO bench
A website allows to evaluate the ICO project for the expert in financial, and cryptocurrency. ICO bench use the algorithm for a specific evaluate, based on 20 criterium. An ICO is marked accordingly to this algorithm. After that, this score is combined with the expert’s evaluation for calculating a final mark.

2. ICO rating
An extremely exciting website while mark a potential ICO by: the investor’s level attraction (base on the social media page), the risk (cheating), long-term investment potential (strength and weakness, Financial plan, marketing)

3. ICOchannels
One of the most trusted site is ICOchannels, a website which contained every information about ICO, review the projects and even the Airdrop/Bounty. With clean user interface and objective evaluation methodology (weighted average of all popular review site scores), ICOchannels is a favorite of many investor on the world. Another advantage of ICOchannels is ICO support services that helps ICO projects cover their social media weakness.

4. Top ICO List
Top ICO list is a good destination for discovering new potential ICO on the cryptocurrency market. TOP ICO supply a list contained all ICO project and more than that, it cl

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