Will A TRON Coinbase Listing See TRX To The Moon?


It’s a pretty good time for TRON investors and the TRON Foundation. Granted, overall things are looking pretty pessimistic market-wide, but the big picture for TRON is one of promise and progression.

We are now building up to the full launch of the TRON MainNet, with this, TRON will migrate from the Ethereumblockchain and ERC-20 tokens, moving over to its own purpose built blockchain with its own native token.

TRON have some very big plans after this has been rolled out. The foundation expects the launch of the TRON MainNet to cement TRX as a real top five cryptocurrency, perhaps even taking the second spot from Ethereum. Their grand plan for expansion is of course testament to the hard work put into TRON, by its founder, Justin Sun.

At the time of writing, TRON sits in tenth place for market capitalisation, a position it has now held firmly for some time. Moreover, TRON is valued at $0.073, up 1.53%. We have seen a bit of a decrease in the value of TRON here, this is mostly down to the overall climate which has seen most currencies plummet over the weekend. With this in mind, as anticipation for the MainNet launch builds, we expect to see TRX hitting $0.10 soon enough.

YouTuber BradsCrypto has recently uploaded a video in which he discusses a possible Coinbase listing for TRON. Should this be the case, we will certainly see the value of TRX skyrocket, given the scale and notoriety of the Coinbase exchange. You can see the video for yourself, here- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=petYQfYhat4

Why Coinbase?

Well, TRON need to increase trading pairs in order to allow for their expansion, of course, Coinbase can provide this. As BradsCrypto highlights, TRON is a highly traded currency and therefore, TRON has some very high potential profits for Coinbase, should its continuously high trading volumes continue once the MainNet has been launched.

We also expect to see TRON migrate some operations to the United States, BradsCrypto mentions San Francisco as a potential hub for a new TRON office, further increasing TRON’s authority and scope, putting it in line as a great contender for the coveted Coinbase listing, which many of the top cryptocurrencies are seeking.

Overall, things look great for TRON. The MainNet launch is certain and it will see some big things develop for the TRON Foundation. If this is complimented by a Coinbase listing then we will see TRON to the moon, it’s a given.

Bear in mind this is based on speculation and is not investment advice. The MainNet launch is sensitive and could cause some technical issues which may have an adverse effect on the value of TRX. Overall though, things look great for the time. Should you decide to invest, ensure you do your own research first. Trade well and trade safe.

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