TRON to Hit $0.50 Soon Enough


As the date for the TRON MainNet launch nears closer, we could very well expect to see the value of TRON’s TRX skyrocket. Anticipation for the MainNet launch hasn’t really taken off yet, this could however be down to a number of things.

Mostly, the market climate has halted TRON’s progression. The depressive outlook and constant back-peddling has really stunted any moves that TRON could be making in a positive direction. Overall, the doom and gloom has had a big impact on the value of TRON.

At the time of writing, TRON is valued at $0.067 and is down 3.95%.

Okay, so TRON at $0.50, is it possible? As we know, the highest recorded value for TRON at present is $0.25. Given however, TRON’s increased market cap and of course, the fact it is about to move onto its own blockchain with its own native TRX, there is no reason that TRON can’t see $0.25 and perhaps beyond.

The MainNet launch is a huge event which should see TRON continue to work its way up the market. It sits in tenth place for market capitalisation at the moment, but according to Justin Sun, the founder of TRON, it does aim to become a top three currency, perhaps even by the end of the year.

A move onto its own blockchain, away from Ethereum technology will certainly see advancements towards this take place. In turn, we could see TRON hit $0.50.

Will this happen before the MainNet launch? Probably not, however, anticipation leading up to it over the next week or so is sure to encourage some positive movements once the markets start to level back out. We could very well see TRON at $0.25 once again, prior to the MainNet roll out, indeed if this is the case, $0.50 becomes a very realistic target indeed.

Overall, this is not investment advice and is based upon speculation, TRON could do very well here, but for now we need to wait and see how successful the MainNet launch is, we could see things take a drastic turn in the wrong direction, this is indeed something the TRON Foundation will not want to think about right now.

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