When Will Ripple XRP See $1.00 Again?


We got so close, didn’t we? At the end of April, through the start of May, we saw Ripple XRP balancing out just below $1.00. The $0.90 mark proved to show Ripple some resistance, meaning that it really did struggle to clime above $0.95. Even with this in mind, we still expected Ripple XRP to bump up to $1.00 in another bull run.

That bull run didn’t really take off and thus, Ripple XRP didn’t manage to move into $1.00 territory. What we can see today now really does make us question, when we will see $1.00 again?

At the time of writing, Ripple XRP is valued at $0.670 and is down 1.93%. At the moment, we are a long way off $1.00.

The last time we saw Ripple XRP over $1.00 was at the start of March, when Ripple XRP was valued at around $1.07, this level was short lived however, with Ripple dropping down to the $0.40 region just a month later. With the current values in mind, we can see that indeed, Ripple XRP is close to this low, than the $1.00 high.

So, when will Ripple XRP hit $1.00 once more?

Until we see Ripple make solid progress above $0.80, it is going to be hard to predict. However, the major cryptocurrencies are starting to show signs similar to those seen before bull runs and market surges. With the markets retreating, we can expect that soon enough, prices will bounce back up. If this does happen, XRP will indeed be influenced by the rise and in turn, may move back up to $1.00, even then though, at its current rate, Ripple XRP would need a big boost to reach this.

Moreover, we know now that Ripple are set for a rebrand, this in turn may see the launch of some new products and partnerships that could give Ripple a healthy boost. If this is timed with a good market climate, we could then see Ripple XRP move way past $1.00, try $1.50 for example.

In short, we are confident that Ripple XRP will see $1.00, although as it stands, it’s hard to predict when this will take place. Overall, the re-brand may bring Ripple and XRP some much needed good news, tie this in with an upcoming market surge and we could see Ripple at some nice new heights.

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