Ripple XRP Unlikely To See $1.00 By Year End


Following on from yesterday’s reports regarding the Finder cryptocurrency price predictions, today we are turning to the research team’s projections of Ripple XRP’s performance through the rest of this month, leading up to the end of the year.

You can see the full ‘Cryptocurrency predictions for June 2018 report’ for yourself, here-

Just to re-cap, this report has been composed through the predictions of market movements made by a panel of ten market experts. Each member of the panel has a prolific role within the blockchain and fintech industries and speaks with good authority. Even with this in mind though, please bear in mind that nobody can truly predict the movements of cryptocurrency markets. The markets are volatile and thus trading is risky. Therefore, see this only as advisory and not as grounded investment advice.

The following comparisons are drawn from Ripple XRP as valued on the 30th of May 2018, priced at $0.621. The report expects that by the 1st of July 2018, Ripple XRP will see a 2% increase overall and climb to $0.635. Now, bearing in mind the current Ripple XRP price of $0.540, based on the Finder report, we can assume that later through June we will see some progression.

Furthermore, the panel predict that by the 31st of December 2018, Ripple XRP will be valued at $0.753, seeing a total increase over the year of 21%. This is not the news many Ripple XRP investors will want to hear, considering that at around the same time last year, Ripple XRP peaked at a value of $3.57. Those who bought in at this time, with the Finder predictions in mind, may be waiting a while before they see a return on their investment.

Let’s see why the experts are feeling negative about Ripple XRP though the year. Please note the following extracts are from the report itself and do not represent the opinions of myself or the Crypto Daily team.

Clayton Daniel:
“There are a lot of issues with Ripple, from its private ownership to the large amount held in trust by the company itself. It is, however, the leading piece of blockchain tech being used by the established finance industry … so it’s not going anywhere.”

Craig Cobb:
“The XRP team seem to have a great knack with manufacturing a move when they need it. Pressure on the market as a whole means pressure on XRP. I believe that with the resources they have, along with a market that may look to recover in the later parts of June, XRP will also climb.”

Joseph Raczynski:
“Ripple has the following and the name. If they continue to market the way they have and the POCs continue to work, this may go higher. If people get tired of the story, look out below.”

Overall, whilst the teams price predictions are low, it does seem as if this panel are expecting Ripple XRP to see growth, through the ongoing growth of Ripple as a company. Otherwise, as mentioned, take what you will from this, remember it is not investment advice.

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