Five Breakout Altcoins For June 2018


For those of you keeping an eye on the crypto markets, June has some coins that are beginning to break out and maybe worth continuously watching to see what happens next. Here are five breakout coins for this month:


Tron is currently a little bit undervalued, and on June 21st we will see the ERC20 migration. There’s also been the mainnet launch which is another thing to bear in mind when it comes to Tron. Tron has been a little up and down in terms of value but it could be about to break out so it’s certainly one to be watching.


Nano is currently at a great price to buy in at, and it could be about to break out as the RSI currently has it in oversold territory. It’s had a very large pullback in terms of value and is 35-40% below 50MA.


Zilliqa is a good crypto to trade as it has very nice swings, there are also some other things to consider when it comes to this currency breaking out. Zilliqa is having a mainnet launch on the 30th September and it is currently on a very large price reduction – again making it a good time to start buying into this altcoin.


EOS has shown great price action signs recently, and we’ve had a month or more of gains when it comes to EOS. Eventually, it may increase to above $30, but not just yet. The altcoin is undervalued, there’s much hype surrounding it and the RSI has it pretty neutral – one to watch to see if it does break out.


Binance is pretty well priced currently and it has a massive use case – you get a big reduction in fees when trading. Coin burn is happening on July 31st.

When it comes to altcoins, you certainly have to keep your eye on the ball to see exactly what is going on – will these coins breakout as we suspect? Only time will tell.

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