Ripple XRP Could Rise 1360% Hitting $7.00


The cryptocurrency boom in December 2017 and January 2018 injected cryptocurrencies into the mainstream. Popular news outlets were flooded with news about the price of Bitcoin, yes, whilst Bitcoin did see some impressive momentum, other cryptocurrencies such as Ripple XRP actually managed to make more of an impact, despite only moving up to a value of $3.65, which, as it stands, still refers to an all-time high value for Ripple XRP.

Incredibly, during this time, Ripple XRP managed to climb 1360%, from an initial price that averaged out at around $0.25.

Therefore, we want to refer back to this time and see how Ripple XRP would fair, if another cryptocurrency boom of this nature hit the markets, which, is indeed a possibility.

Before I continue, please remember that this is not investment advice, this is entirely based on speculation. Ripple XRP could indeed rise 1360% again, however it would take absolutely perfect market conditions, conditions that are ultimately very hard to come by.

Nonetheless, it is important to consider how future market surges could affect today’s prices.

At the time of writing, Ripple XRP is valued at $0.48, therefore, a rise of 1360% would see Ripple XRP hit $7.00, a very achievable figure, but a very distant figure at that.

As mentioned, this would rely on perfect market conditions, but moreover, I think increased Ripple XRP adoption could also contribute to this. If Ripple XRP became a more integrated part of something like, Santander’s OnePayFX app (for example), then we could very well see the value of the currency rise significantly. Tie this in with a good market and of course, other positive announcements, we could very well see Ripple XRP, surpass $5.00, hitting new heights, leading a very positive trajectory as a result.

When will this happen? We can’t really be sure. The markets are almost positive to predict. This simply just aims to highlight the potential for growth that is harnessed by Ripple XRP. The currency is very undervalued at the moment for a number of reasons so, therefore when the markets take off again, Ripple XRP will once more benefit most from this. Hopefully, this happens tomorrow, and we can all relish in the glory of XRP. Realistically though, we may be waiting some time before we see Ripple XRP at $7.00. For now, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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