Cryptocurrency Forecast: This Is A 15-Bagger In The Making By 2019


Cryptocurrencies are back. A breakout took place in Bitcoin, our leading indicator, two weeks ago. Since then, there has only been strength in the crypto market, and that is amazing news of course. Note: mainstream media is not talking about this which is great. InvestingHaven is the place where you will read the news that really matters long before mainstream picks it up. And here is more great news: InvestingHaven’s research team noticed a breakout in one of the top 20 cryptocurrencies, one of the few cryptos that is showing relative strength and a breakout in July 2018, which means to us that this will become a 15-bagger by 2019. This is one of our most promising cryptocurrency forecasts for 2019.

Things have evolved fast in the last 2 months. Although there was a major bottom, at the verge of a serious breakdown, at the end of June, InvestingHaven remained calm and focused on the leading crypto charts in its methodology. This is a series of observations which we have published about the crypto market in the public domain (note: we have published many more detailed and actionable observations for premium subscribers):

It is clear that June and July were a turning point.

Cryptocurrency forecast: a 15-bagger by 2019 in the making

Smart investors are focused on relative strength. It is, by far, the most profitable thing to do during a retracement, or even a crash, like the one over the last 6 months in the crypto market.

In our search for relative strength we have found that one cryptocurrency stands out. It is one on the top 20, and its chart is embedded below. In order to respect our premium subscribers we had to remove the name and price legend on the X-axis. But the point is really about the relative strength that a select number of cryptocurrencies start showing at this point in time. The one outlined below shows an early stage breakout way before the rest of crypto market.

This is what smart investing is all about. It is about identifying the most profitable opportunities way before the masses talk and write about it. It is about being positioned in the best assets at the early stage of a new bull market. It is about selling when everyone becomes excited, and mainstream media starts covering it as hot news. And, after a crash, it is about starting all over again: looking for relative strength when everyone is depressed!

It all starts by the right forecasts.

So InvestingHaven is on record, after extensive investigation, by calling this one cryptocurrency a 15-bagger in the making based on below chart setup and relative strength. Based on the daily chart below it seems clear that there will be a bottom-to-top move within this long term channel. If it will materialize in the way we are forecasting it the price of this cryptocurency will rise (at least) 15 times from today’s level.

Looking back it seems fair to say that InvestingHaven is one of the few groups of analysts that was able to forecast cryptocurrencies prices way ahead of time. Think of the Ethereum forecast last year (500 USDand 1000 USD) which, at that time, InvestingHaven was the first in the world to do a cryptocurrency forecast, also the Litecoin forecast as well as the Bitcoin forecasts. We were lonely voices back then, and we are convinced our eagle’s eye view will be spot-on again.

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