Buy Music With Ethereum From Crypto Daily’s Exclusive Producer, Max Bove


If you’ve been keeping up to date with Crypto Daily on YouTube and our presenter Mark, you might have noticed the addition of some exclusive new music, backing tracks written and produced by Max Bove, the latest addition to the Crypto Daily family.

Max Bove Capture Wave Album Cover

Image copyright of Max Bove

A message from Max

“My name is Max Bove, born in the Bahamas in 1969 and now residing in Italy. I have played pianoforte since the age of 7, as the son of a musician, music has always been within me. Since 2000 I have grown and developed my passion as a professional musician, with my main focus being the saxophone. I have played many prestigious venues across the world including convention centres, theatres and nightclubs.”

My specialisms lie within Jazz and ambient music of the likes of Kenny G. I like to remake new age House music of the likes of Funky and also arrange music for orchestral performances. My portfolio includes songs written by myself for films, TV advertisements and other original productions. As a composer and a performer, I love to create arrangements for existing music too, something that I see as a very important part of my future, moving from a Saxophonist to an arranger, composer and all-around musical performer.”

Max Bove Posing Next to Saxaphone

Image copyright Max Bove

Max joins the family and brings with him years of experience as a musician and a performer. His talent knows no bounds and therefore we are confident that Max’s work will help make our videos stand out, making us the go to crypto news provider on YouTube.

But, there’s more

In keeping with the crypto theme, Max is now set to offer his work, music and knowledge for crypto and FIAT payments. By working with Crypto Daily, Max is opening up himself to the crypto sphere and now, his exclusive tracks are available for purchase in Ethereum and Euro, with more cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin set to be added in the coming weeks.

Now you can buy original work from Max, download his tracks and albums online, using cryptocurrency and can even commission Max to create music for your own advertisements, films and productions by paying in cryptocurrency.

For more information on bookings, commissions and original productions, please contact Max’s agent using the online booking form.

We’re pleased to welcome Max to the team and wish him all the success for the future.

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