How Bitcoin Could Become Mainstream In The Next Ten Years


Today marks the tenth anniversary of Bitcoin. One whole decade of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. The day when Satoshi Nakamoto released the whitepaper for the number one cryptocurrency in the world.

If you’re new to the industry and take a look at Bitcoin at the end of last year to what it is now, you might ask ‘what happened’?

Nevertheless, while the leading digital currency has been jumping throughout the $6,200 – $6,800 range for several months now this doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the world. For many investors, the market speculation is dropping and leaving behind a market which is less volatile. This could be due to the movements such as this that people in the industry think its price will at some point in the future surge.

The UK managing director at eToro, Iqbal Gandham said that in the next ten years will be great for the leading crypto.

“Its price, although volatile at times, will fall in line with other assets as its utility increases and speculation reduces. […] The next decade could see Bitcoin being accepted as the norm when it comes to money transfer and payments. As with any startup idea, early days are always risky, but I feel these are now few and far between.”

As reported by Live Bitcoin News, the founder and CEO at the international financial consultancy firm deVere Group, Nigel Green is optimistic about where he sees Bitcoin (and the crypto market as a whole) going. Green also said that the market could surge by a massive 5,000%.

Please keep in mind that we aren’t investment advisors so this isn’t investment advice. Do your own research and make an investment based on that.

Its worth mentioning that he also believes the influence of Bitcoin will slide during the same period. He believes that the mass adoption of the crypto market and the introduction of other digital assets will push Bitcoin from the leading spot.

What are the odds this will happen?

To be honest, there is no way of knowing, unless you happen to have a time machine to hand.

Several projects with the Lightning Network are showing that the technology has the potential to increase Bitcoin’s transactions per second.

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