Poll Respondents Choose Power Ledger, Recent Tech Challenge Winner, As Australia’s Best Crypto Project



Poll Respondents Choose Power Ledger, Recent Tech Challenge Winner, As Australia’s Best Crypto Project


A recent poll by Micky News in Australia asked respondents to choose what they saw as the country’s best cryptocurrency project.

The options included blockchain energy startup Power Ledger, voting and decision making platform Horizon State, cryptocurrency tourism platform TravelbyBit, and decentralized serviceplace CanYa.

Power Ledger won by a large margin with 57% of the 1,016 respondents choosing the project.

The blockchain-for-energy company has seen its profile grow after launching its first commercial deployment in the United States back in May.

Recently, it won the top prize at Richard Branson’s Extreme Tech Challenge, after pitching their idea to the well-known entrepreneur on Necker Island.

A Goal To Democratize Power Distribution

Power Ledger’s goal is to facilitate democratic electricity distribution through a “peer-to-peer excess energy trading platform.”

It now has at least 20 projects up and running and has partnered with entities such as the Silicon Valley Power Grid.

Co-founder Jemma Green told StartupSmart how getting an endorsement from Branson “is a pretty valuable thing for an early-stage company.” She said the next steps are to utilize the added credibility to keep scaling up and developing.

A Burgeoning Crypto Scene In Australia

One commenter in the original Twitter poll noted how you “couldn’t make the choice harder could you” since the four projects were all “great.”

Another project in the poll, TravelbyBit received a multi-million dollar investment from leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance at the start of October. The poll’s creators defended the idea TravelbyBit was a crypto company even if it did not have a token.

In late 2017, a United Nations IGO announced a partnership with Horizon State and another blockchain startup to help address directives in the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

CryptoGlobe recently covered the growth and development of what looks to be a strong cryptocurrency and blockchain scene in Australia that has given a solid foundation for entities to build products.

The NEM Foundation, for example, was in Melbourne earlier in the month to speak with members of the community about their vision. Melbourne is also the location of a new blockchain hub for the company.

Just a few days ago, CryptoGlobe also reported on an announcement by Novatti Group, who announced they were going to launch a stablecoin. The Australian firm said their token will have 1-1 backing with the Australian Dollar.

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