TRON TRX Is Set To Take Over Japan


One of the major targets for TRON is Asia. We get the feeling that for Justin Sun, the founder of TRON, TRX adoption across a number of Asian countries is sort of the dream and indeed, TRON does offer these countries a lot through the TRX currency and the TRON blockchain. In essence, TRX is very adoptable in Asia, as it is across the rest of the world.

Sun is looking towards countries like Japan and South Korea to spearhead this adoption. It’s no secret that both Japan and South Korea are two of the most crypto-forward nations in the world, with governments that are very much focused on fostering a positive approach towards the adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, therefore Sun and TRON will want to capitalise on this. If TRON wants to find instant success within a country in order to see TRX adoption, Japan and South Korea are two of the nations to target, it’s as simple as that.

When we look at the data, we can see that TRX is slowly gaining popularity and traction within Japan specifically, complimenting the projects presence across Asia. Many consider that Ripple’s XRP is the cryptocurrency built to totally change Asian countries, however TRON is striking up fierce competition to this.

According to Ethereum World News, the TRON Foundation have announced a new video series that has been aimed at further promoting TRX within Japanese markets. The official TRON statement states:

“The fourth episode of the introduction video series for the Japanese community was released. The series aims to introduce TRON to the Japanese community in detail through interviews between the TRON mascot and the host, showing the development of TRON to the community members in a vivid way.”

Will Japan be the world’s crypto capital?

Many do expect that Japan will one day become the cryptocurrency capital of the world. This is because Japan has always been ahead of the game when it comes to cryptocurrency adoption and regulation. Japan are one of the few countries to fully regulate the cryptocurrency sector. This might sound like a bad thing, but it isn’t. Japan are proving just how useful honest and fair cryptocurrency regulation is. The consensus in Japan is not to censor cryptocurrencies, instead, the notion is that exchanges need to be seen to be protecting their customers.

In Japan, exchanges have to abide by very strict guidelines, guidelines which in turn protect investors and customers.

Now, as you can probably tell this benefits TRON in the long run, the adoption of TRX can only be driven by these regulations, so long as the regulated exchanges in Japan are happy to list TRX. The exciting thing about this, is that because of the way the regulations work, TRON need to do very little to ensure that their token is allowed to operate in Japan. The responsibility is in the hands of the exchange to follow the regulations, meaning TRON simply just need to market their token to the exchanges, the customers should then follow.

New TRON updates

Whilst we are here, let’s take a look at some of the most recent updates to come straight out of the TRON project. According to Blokt:

“As of Oct. 19th, the upgrade of Version 3.1.2 was completed by 33 exchanges. The EasyTrade development went ahead as planned and is now in its third phase. TronGrid was scaled up so that it can accommodate a large number of developers Dapps using the ecosystem.

Tron updated its documentation as a direct response to issues raised by the developer community.”


“Last Trip, a Dapp developed by WuXia, will be launching a multi-language version of the game on Tron. TronDice, another entertainment Dapp ‘developed by Tron community developers’ has already been launched on Tron MainNet. TronDice has a 24-hour transaction volume of 88,724, with a DAU of 1,571. HitDapps has been launched on the Tron MainNet and has already developed three entertainment apps. HitDapps was developed by DAppsWiki, an Australian development team that pledged to continue supporting Tron’s community.”


“The technical development team completed the addition of the index switch to the optimized index of SolidityNode and improved the TVM performance for the optimized TVM executions process. The team is working on optimizing the testing memory database and setting the BFT development plan.”

The expansion of TRON and TRX continues to impress many crypto enthusiasts across the world. We know that those in Japan are now watching this project very closely to gauge how they might invest in the future. Japan, South Korea and other areas across Asia may very well be some of the first countries to truly adopt cryptocurrency, many like ourselves now expect to see TRON TRX become one of the first cryptocurrencies to be adopted. At the very least, TRX has got as good a chance as any of the ‘adoptable’ other cryptocurrencies.

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