Lisk (LSK): Reduced Block Reward And Its Impact On Price


Lisk Chart With Values

Lisk (LSK) is a rather nascent platform cryptocurrency that follows a proof of stake model. However, it has proven itself to be quite good at what it does. Yet, we have seen its price decline more than 20x without any signs of a strong reversal. LSK/USD resisted a fall below $4 but not enough bulls came to its rescue and the price fell to $2. This is one hell of a correction for a cryptocurrency that reached an all time high of $40 during its previous cycle. The only positive news that has made a positive impact on Lisk (LSK)’s price lately is news of the reduced block reward. Throughout the correction, the community remained very active on Twitter and kept positing updates of their events and developments. However, it did not reflect in the price at all.

Most cryptocurrencies showed strong signs of a reversal only recently. However, Lisk (LSK) has been ready for a trend reversal since August as shown by the MACD profile for LSK/USD. Volume for LSK/USD has almost completely dried up on exchanges. Trading volume on major exchanges is lower than 10 BTC. This is really discouraging for a platform cryptocurrency that is actually supposed to be an Ethereum (ETH) contender. Ethereum (ETH) also had an aggressive correction but trading volume was quick to return as buyers and seller showed strong interest in trading this coin. Lisk (LSK) on the other hand sees very low volume on most exchanges that can be easily manipulated with a few medium sized orders here and there.

This could be one of the reasons why Lisk (LSK) like Qtum (QTUM) declined so aggressively. Both of these are platform cryptocurrencies and both of them have had very aggressive corrections. Now, is this the end for these coins? Certainly not. If anything, it is only the beginning as Lisk (LSK) has made a lot of progress even during the correction. They are just getting started on rolling their products and getting developers on board to build on Lisk (LSK). Unlike building on Ethereum (ETH) for which developers have to learn a new language (Solidity), development on Lisk (LSK) is available in traditional programming languages. In addition to that, Dapps are built on side chains so if anything goes wrong with the Dapp, the entire blockchain is not effected, similarly if something goes wrong with the blockchain, the Dapp remains unaffected.

Lisk Chart With Values

Lisk (LSK) is in a strong position to begin a new cycle. The LSK/BTC weekly chart shows how the EMAs have come close together for the first time since the beginning of the correction. The 10 Week EMA has never been this close to the 21 Week EMA and the 5 Week EMA at the same time. The MACD diagram also shows that the price is ready to take off from current levels to begin a new trend. The only strong resistance that LSK/BTC is going to face will be the 21 Week EMA. The longer the price takes to consolidate, the easier it will be to break above that level.

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