Ripple (XRP) Golden Cross Signals Further Near Term Upside


Ripple Chart With Values

Chart for XRP/USD (4H)

Ripple (XRP) rallied aggressively soon after the golden cross seen on the XRP/USD 4H chart. The price is currently trading above the 50 EMA on the 4H chart and is not likely to drop below it. Bollinger Bands %B indicator on the XRP/USD chart also shows that Ripple (XRP) is just preparing for a massive rally. We have seen over the past few weeks that Ripple (XRP) is also beginning to gain in dominance against Bitcoin (BTC). Ripple (XRP) is known for its quick but aggressive rallies. What does this mean? It means that Ripple (XRP) makes its entire gains for the cycle in an extremely short timeframe. This is why so many Ripple (XRP) investors are strong believers in the idea of hodling.

Most XRP believers have been buying Ripple (XRP) since before the correction and are still holding their coins at more than 70% losses but have no intention of cutting their losses. In fact, they believe that the price is going to appreciate manifold by the end of the year. In 2017, Ripple (XRP) completed its bullish cycle in just 70 days. That means if you were too scared to get involved before March 2017, you would have missed out on the first pump. After the dump in April 2017, if you were too scared to get in thinking it is going to do down lower, you would have missed out on a massive pump all the way to the ATH in May 2017. If you had any ideas to get involved after that, after a correction, let’s say in September 2017, you would only have lost money by the end of 2017.

Ripple Chart With Values

Chart for XRP/BTC (4H)

The same goes for the rally in 2018. The difference though is that the January 2018 rally was a lot more aggressive and took half the time (35 days). The correction in both cases, took an equal time of 203 days. All of this explains that investing in Ripple (XRP) is a game of hodling. You cannot predict when the rally is going to occur but if it does and you’re not in, the rest of the year does not matter. For 203 days, you can stop thinking about cryptocurrencies in general and Ripple (XRP) in particular and start investing in other markets that is if you do not want to short this market. Ripple (XRP) is once again at the point of a breakout and a similar rally can be expected.

Ripple (XRP) just like other cryptocurrencies might be hard to evaluate before every decisive move. It may not be possible to pinpoint the exact time and date of a decisive move, unless you are a whale. However, for the average investor there are plenty of signs and indicators that the market shows us well before a major development. A golden cross is one such important development. Now, a golden cross is far more significant if it happens on the daily time frame but that does not mean that a golden cross on a 1H or 4H time frame may not see the price rally. Barring extenuating circumstances, we have seen the price rally every time a golden cross has happened on the 4H chart. It is very likely that this time will be no different and we will see the rally extend all the way towards the golden cross on the daily time frame which is expected to occur in early 2019.

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