Fake EOS Scam Hits Google Play


A group of EOS develops in Brazil called EOS RIO, has warned several users that there is someone trying to spread a fake version of its digital currency wallet app on the Google Play store.

Even though the app looks like the real deal – it even claims to have been developed by EOS RIO – the Brazilian team has issued a statement to verify that their official app is yet to make on to the Google Play store.  

The EOS team in South America has now said that they have taken the best steps in having the app removed from the Play Store. Hopefully, this will prevent users from having their digital currency potentially stolen.

It is still unknown how many times the fake was downloaded but it seems that it has been removed from the Play Store. Even so, you will want to turn the other way if you have seen any SimplEOS wallet on Google Play for the time being.

As said by The Next Web:

“Typically, fake wallet apps seek to steal users’ credentials in attempts to pilfer their cryptocurrency. Such malware usually targets sensitive data like your username, password, and even your private key.”

In other, but similar news, YouTube personalities, the Hodgetwins had over $8,000 worth of cryptocurrency stolen from them after they used a third party EOS wallet found on the Apple App Store. Shortly after the story picked up a bit of speed, Apple quietly removed the suspicious wallet from its platform.

In order to keep your devices secure you need to make sure to download software that is created by trusted developers. A good way to check is by looking at the reviews.

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