Stellar Lumens Becomes 4th Largest Cryptocurrency Today


Stellar Lumens is the 4th largest cryptocurrency since a couple of hours. Arguably it is on its way to meet InvestingHaven’s Stellar Lumens forecast of 4 USD with some delay though. Stellar Lumens overtakes Bitcoin Cash. Stellar Lumens facilitates payments, and is one of the few cryptocurrencies that is gaining adoption. That’s why Stellar Lumens really deserves to be in the top 4 cryptocurrencies, and this in line with the 5 cryptocurrency predictions for 2019.

Although Stellar Lumens as the 4th largest cryptocurrency has a small difference in its market cap to Bitcoin Cash, now the number 5. InvestingHaven’s research team expects this gap to widen because of the relative strength that Stellar Lumens exhibits on its long term chart, see below.

As a reminder Stellar Lumens faciliates payments  by making it much easier to handle (mobile payments), much cheaper (micro payments) and much more accessible (the large group of unbanked in the world).

Stellar Lumens is now the 4th largest cryptocurrency since today largely because it is gaining traction as a cryptocurrency. Adoption is so important in this young industry, says InvestingHaven’s research team.

Below is the table of the 10 largest cryptocurrencies, and their change in market cap. This is a snapshot from a service that is exclusive to InvestingHaven’s cryptocurrency investing service to which all premium crypto members have access. This service shows the market cap change on several timeframes and for all 300 largest cryptocurrencies, a service that is unique in the world.

stellar lumens 4th largest cryptocurrency

This relative market cap change is also reflected in the relative price strength that Stellar Lumens exhibits. 

The Stellar Lumens to Bitcoin price chart (XLMBTC) visualizes our point. Similar to our analysis on Ripple’s relative price strength Stellar’s chart setup exhibits a powerful set up, first and foremost because of its rising long term channel. This trend started a year and a half ago at the start of the altcoin boom which underpins our viewpoint on growing adoption, says InvestingHaven’s research team.

stellar lumens 4th largest cryptocurrency


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