Decision Time For Global Stock Markets


As per our observation about the major turning point in markets, i.e. the End Of 40-Year Bull Market In Bonds, and, with this, serious consequences in global markets, we now see that global stock markets have arrived at a major decision point. It might determine whether this will introduce the stock market crash of 2018.

Although our focus at InvestingHaven is mid to long term in nature we excpetionally also cover the short term. That’s only to support mid to long term findings!

What we see on the short term is a very important observation: decision time in global stock markets, especially in the U.S. and Europe!

The short term view we show below has the major U.S. stock indexes as well as the European and Japanese indexes. One thing they have in common: a triple test, both at support and resistance.

Needless to say, this is a hugely important moment. Typically, after a 3d attempt in a trading range the market decides to go in one direction.

We expect global stock markets to start trending anytime soon, and watch support and resistance carefully!

global stock markets


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