Crypto & Blockchain Conferences Remain Steady Despite Year-long Bear Market



Crypto & Blockchain Conferences Remain Steady Despite Year-long Bear Market


  • Research firm TradeBlock reported there were a large number of crypto conferences in 2018.
  • This, despite prolonged digital currency bear market.

TradeBlock, a developer of trading tools for institutional investors and cryptocurrency research firm, has revealed the number of blockchain and digital currency related conferences has not declined – despite the prolonged bear market.

Significantly, crypto and blockchain conferences hit their highest numbers in October and November 2018 – as shown in the chart above. There were 53 crypto-related conferences held in October of last year and 52 last month in December.

Crypto Conferences Record High Attendance

In May 2018, there were at least 50 crypto conferences held in different places throughout the world. Silicon Valley-based Global Disruptive Innovation Summit and New York’s Consensus were among the blockchain industry’s most well-known and highest-attended conferences.

There weren’t as many crypto conferences scheduled during the summer months of 2018, however activity returned to normal in September as there were nearly 40 major blockchain events which were held in different countries worldwide.  According to TradeBlock, the conferences in October and November focused more on crypto regulations than on business development.

As CryptoGlobe reported recently, crypto-related news coverage remained crowded, even after $700 billion was wiped off the digital asset market in 2018. According to CryptoCompare’s API, cryptocurrency coverage actually increased over time. This, based on analysis of almost 65,000 articles from about 25 different news outlets.

Crypto Adoption Keeps Growing

Research shows that mainstream news outlets like Time, CNBC, Bloomberg, among others have been increasingly covering crypto-related news stories. Although the crypto ecosystem seems to be struggling with capital as many firms including blockchain-based social media platform Steemit had to lay off 70% of its staff in November 2018, crypto adoption appears to be on the rise.

As covered, there are now around 1,500 restaurants in Denmark that accept bitcoin (BTC). Moreover, bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies are increasingly being accepted as payments by tens of thousands of merchants throughout the world, according to blockchain analyst Larry Cermak.

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