Cryptocurrency Investment GameCredits and MobileGO: Features and Differences


As part of InvestingHaven’s 5 Must-Read Cryptocurrency Predictions 2019 many cryptocurrencies will disappear, but some will outperform. One of the rising starts lately is MobileGO, token symbol MGO. This article highlights the functional usage and growth of MobileGO, hinting at its cryptocurrency investment value.

Have you heard about the rising stars of crypto-world — GameCredits and MobileGO? GAME cryptocurrency and MGO token made their way to top-100 of altcoins. They have a lot of common features, so there are specifications that may be considered as key differences.

What is so peculiar about MobileGO and MGO token?

Initially MobileGO (MGO) token was created as a payment system. But right now its functionality is expanded drastically. MGO can be used to buy games and applications, as well as a variety of accessories and other related products. MGO token is built on the blockchain technology and is designed for convenient gaming payments.

MGO supports eSportsmen, gamers, investors, developers, publishers and all people interested in crypto and games. To work using the technology of smart contracts, and the tokens themselves in practice are markers, which serve as a form of the transaction in the process of buying certain games or in-game property.

In the process of development, MobileGO creators relied on the active development of the gaming industry market, where various tokens began to be used, but there was no specific currency of their own.

MGO token mining is not provided, all coins are generated in advance by the developers, but you can not only buy tokens on exchange services, but also earn in various ways.

MGO tokens can be won in tournaments held as part of a global ecosystem that also supports GAME cryptocurrency (known as GameCredits).

The size of the win depends on the type of an eSports tournament. They can be centralized and decentralized. Centralized is created by the management of the platform, respectively, it sets the size of the prize. Decentralized tournaments are organized by users of the platform, who together form the prize pool.

A weighty advantage over traditional services is the use of blockchain technology, which ensures transparency and security. The platform will be equally profitable, both for developers of games, and for their consumers. Due to peer-to-peer and decentralization, commission fees are significantly reduced, which attracts both developers and players.

What is about GAME currency?

GAME appeared before MGO though they can be used within one platform. The more popular this platform becomes, the higher the MGO rate will be, since the coin is actively used within the service. Analysts believe that MGO token should be considered as an object for medium and long-term investment.

The risks here are the same as in the case of other cryptocurrencies, and, above all, are associated with the good faith of the founders of the project. Therefore, when investing in this coin, you should carefully follow the process of developing and promoting the platform.

Since the platform is based on the Ethereum network blockchain, any ETH wallet that supports ERC223 tokens can be used to work with the MGO token. Developers recommend using Mist or MyEtherWallet wallets.

Should you join MobileGO airdrop?

Join the upcoming MobileGO airdrop that will happen on December 5 – December 19 in 2018. In order to become the rewarded participant of this MobileGO airdrop it’s necessary to follow all social media pages and channels of the project. Also, users must retweet posts about two main releases of December. Such activity is rewarded with 1 MGO token.

If a user wants to earn more MGO tokens, 1 is given for installing GShare and earning 1 GShare Gold.

Two more MGO are shared as a free reward for the first 100 participants who will complete the mentioned above tasks.

10 users with the largest Gshare Gold balance will also get additional 6 MGO tokens on their accounts.

By the way, this event is available for everyone, not only for the owners of GameCredits and MobileGO. Anyone has a chance to get from 1 to 10 MGO tokens for free taking part in the airdrop!

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