Analysis: How Cryptocurrency Is Disrupting The Global Economy


However, in the world of cryptocurrency, “censor resistance” is primarily to cryptocurrency – based financial transactions, including actions by law enforcement agencies or regulators.

When you consider that cryptocurrency is at some level just networked information on the internet, the question immediately arises as to how a cryptocurrency in the West would interact with an authoritarian global financial system based on crypto. In order for countries such as China, Russia or Iran to use the blockchain or cryptocurrency to create a parallel global digital exchange system, many things would have to fall into place.

When more than 8, 500 business blockchains and digital currency market participants met in New York in May for a consensual Conference, bitcoin bullies predicted that The collective enthusiasm for digital assets would trigger great gains in cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Adoption:

Entrepreneurs issue large amounts of digital currencies to raise capital for their software projects, rather than spend part-time coin because transactions are booked on the blockchain – and this is a practice that attracts both regulatory control and investor interest in what might be the next major thing in the digital breakage of the economy.
Square began offering Bitcoin services to its customers in the payment sector, and Chicago commodity exchanges launched Bitcoin futures contracts, offering a hedge and a place to detect prices that could help soften the infamous volatility of digital currency prices.

China’s Orwellian approach to blockchain technology in the future is not included in Asia, but it is a clear example of the possibility of ‘decentralized’ currencies to strengthen the central authority and strengthen financial supervision and control.

In fact, the more important and accepted cryptocurrency, the more authority such a multinational regulatory authority will be able to suffocate or liberate cryptocurrency flows based on how they regulate it.

Tim Draper Comments:

In order for cryptocurrency to keep pace with the promises made by such commentators as Tim Draper, it is clear that it must disrupt and create value in the international business.
Global trade is dominated by multinational companies that have a global approach to operations, manufacturing, and markets.

In fact, cryptocurrency as a store and value transfer may not have a place in international business at all.

However, Tim Draper’s comments on the fact that cryptocurrency is greater than the Industrial Revolution can be seen in terms of the potential impact that blockchain and smart contract technology can have on international business. But if cryptocurrency can bring about major changes in international business, it will be a blockchain and intelligent contract technology that will change everything and create a new global economy.


Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency with a deep structure, wide adoption and a dynamic exchange to achieve the speed of escape. With the financial and lending problems of governments, which in turn cause major problems for their currency, global investors are looking for something more robust than the promise of a central bank.
As more and more computers engaged in mining unique bitcoins, the average operating margin for miners was reduced to more than 100, 000 in the summer, which identified the mathematical problems needed to mine new bitcoins.

If Bitcoin becomes widespread, respected and legitimate, it puts pressure on central banks and banks to reduce costs in order to remain competitive.

Cryptocurrency Revolution

Cryptocurrency is about to start a revolution that could reinvent traditional financial and social structures, while at the same time bringing billions of “unbanked” individuals to a new global economy.

Cryptocurrency is a promising financial system without an intermediary, one of which is owned by people who use it and protected from the devastation caused by the 2008 catastrophe. But bitcoin, the most famous of cryptocurrencies, has a reputation for instability, wild fluctuations, and illegal activity, some people fear that it has the power to eliminate jobs and violate the concept of a nation state.

Cryptocurrency is a disruptive economic innovation with the potential to revolutionize the existing financial system and change the way banks and other financial institutions operate.

As more and more countries choose to move to cryptocurrency, the demand for cryptocurrency is also expected to increase. In short, cryptocurrency changes and even improves the face of the financial system.

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