Top 10 most Profitable Cryptocurrencies of All Time and those that Failed Investors


Cryptocurrency analysis platform DataLight has provided some data on the lead cryptocurrencies in the industry as well as those that have been a bit of a disappointment to investors.

According to the information, Bitcoin (BTC) is the most profitable cryptocurrency of all time, especially for early adopters. Those who acquired Bitcoin around 2010 when it was first launched on an exchange must have made an enormous profit even at the lowest $3,200 price recorded last year as some of them bought the asset at $0.30 per coin. The data shows Bitcoin has appreciated by 1.3m% in the last ten years.

As expected, the second most profitable crypto asset is Ethereum’s ETH. the asset has appreciated 68,200% over the years, recording remarkable gains before the current bear market. Ethereum is expected to still go up much higher, some predicting it will reach $100,000 a piece probably before 2021.

Other cryptocurrencies among the top ten most profitable are DASH with an appreciation of 39,500%, BNB with 13,100%, NEM 11,100%, XRP 6,100%, NEO 4800%, XLM 3200%, MKR 2800% and XMR 1900%.

Other cryptocurrencies have lost rather than gain since their creation. These include Zcash (ZEC) which started trading at $4,293 in 2016 but then crashed to the current price of $51.81 at press time according to Coin Market Cap. That is over 98% drop from the original price.

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