37 Altcoins that have outperformed Bitcoin in 2019


The first quarter of the year is almost over and with it, most publicly traded companies are allowing their investors to peek into their numbers. Similarly, it is a great moment to pause and look back at how the main success cases in cryptocurrencies been performing over the last 3 months, with Bitcoin as a reference benchmark to measure their growth. So, these are the 37 altcoins that have outperformed Bitcoin in 2019

Market cap over $100 million

Below this capitalization range, there are plenty of cryptocurrencies which have performed better than Bitcoin over the last 90 days. However, for the sake of focusing on more established projects, the $100 million range will act as a starting cutting point.

In this group, there are 36 cryptos which have performed better than Bitcoin in 2019, which at writing time sits at around $4,070, up about 6% from its early January levels around $3,840.

Outperforming Bitcoin by 6 to 10%

The first crypto by market cap has been performing much like a group of tokens composed by NanoBytecoinOmiseGODecred or Lisk, all of which have increased their market caps in between 6 and 10%

Some projects benefited from recent positive news, for example, Nano´s set of tipping features that gives coverage to different social media platforms such as Reddit, Twitter, Discord or Twitch.

However, in some other cases in this group, their satisfactory performance is harder to explain. That is what happens with Bytecoin, which despite being delisted from Binance and OKEx consecutively at the end of last year, has managed to keep up very well with Bitcoin´s pace. 

Outperforming Bitcoin by 10 to 20%

In the next group of coins, there are projects which have outperformed Bitcoin from more than 10% and less than 24%AeternityNEOTRONMoneroDash and Qtum are the components of this pack. 

Perhaps the most talked about coin in the last months from those mentioned above has been TRON. The project led by the perennial announcement man Justin Sun has had a clear protagonist in 2019 thanks to its association with the BitTorrent token (BTT), the first project to be offered via the Binance Launchpad.

Another of TRON´s main advances during 2019 has taken place in the field of decentralized applications. Here, the hegemony previously held by Ethereum is being clearly disputed by other projects.

NEO is the other highlighted member of this group. So far, in 2019 it has excelled in attracting new developers and dapps. The hype surrounding the NEO 3.0 update, which will provide great scalability improvements, might also be behind its good price behavior.

Outperforming Bitcoin by 20 to 60%

Things start to speed up as we get closer to the top of the classification of tokens which have outperformed Bitcoin in 2019. There are 12 coins with a current market cap over $100 million that have fared better than Bitcoin by a 20 to 60%, namely Chainlink, Maker, Basic Attention Token, Pundi X, EOS, ICON, VeChain, Bytom, Komodo, Tezos, BitShares, Cardano, and DigiByte.

And in this group, there is one clear king, at least when it comes to being well known. EOS, which has outperformed Bitcoin by more than 40% so far, has benefited from similar factors to those playing in favor of TRON. The broken hegemony of Ethereum in the dapps sector has opened up new opportunities which are being grabbed as they pop.

This same selection of coins also has another project which has benefited greatly from all the expectations surrounding it. The rumors, later confirmed, regarding the inclusion of the Basic Attention Token in the latest Samsung smartphone helped to trigger a price upswing in the asset. 

Not only the inclusion in the integrated wallet of the Samsung S10 has helped the price of BAT to increase in 2019. Its integration in the Brave browser, which allows users to receive back part of the income they generate for consuming adds, has further helped its price to perform about 47% better than Bitcoin so far in 2019.

Outperforming Bitcoin by more than 60%

Finally, the top of the pyramid is taken by the few projects which have added some heavyweight to their investor´s bags. With some of them doubling their prices in a matter of three months, it is no wonder why some are already calling for a full-blown alt season. The top 12 coins are Enjin, ABBC, Crypto.com Chain, Ravencoin, THETA, Binance Coin, Holo, Huobi Token, Ontology, Litecoin, Augur and Steem.

Starting from the top of the classification, it is rather surprising to note the effect of an interesting but relatively limited integration such as the crypto wallet in the new Samsung S10 for a small token such as the Enjin Coin. With a price increase of more than 360% in three months, Enjin Coin has seen its market cap surge from $30 to $144 million in less than 90 days.

Although most of the price surge should probably be attributed to its integration in the Samsung S10, there are other steps such as its inclusion in the Unity game engine that have helped it to gain some real adoption. 

Another relevant token in the subset, known by many members of the crypto space, is Binance Coin. Although there have been little advances in terms of token improvements, Binance has had a thrilling start of 2019. Their Launchpad can already be considered a success, with the three projects announced in the first three months of the year running out of tokens in a matter of minutes.

Unsurprisingly, this has had a reinforcing effect on BNB´s pricing, which has spiked up in 2019 from about $6 to more than $15, for a total increase of 151%.

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