eBay ready to start accepting cryptocurrencies


Cryptocurrencies are increasingly being recognised by the market

According to fresh reports coming from eBay, it is set to start accepting cryptocurrencies as payments from its users. This has made some crypto users very happy and celebrating the news about this major cryptocurrency adoption push this week.

The online giant has been busy taking notice of the cryptocurrency space for a while now. And has finally decided to push forward with the decision to start accepting Bitcoin and some other alternative cryptocurrencies.

The eBay cryptocurrencies movement

eBay has now started pursuing cryptocurrency payments. This online market giant has made it clear from its Consensus 2019 conference in New York that it will start accepting the virtual currency, which may also lead to the possibility of its own coin in the future.

The online marketplace has over 180 million users and is currently active in other marketing operations as well.

The company posted a photo stating that:

“Virtual Currency. It’s happening on eBay”

A lot of people were left very happy with the slogan from eBay. This has set off a great movement in the crypto community and has ignited mainstream media.

The company is also looking to accept bitcoin along with Binance coin, as a deal for future token exchange.

Cryptocurrency deals being made

The online marketplace is set to also partner with payment platforms that are accepting various cryptocurrencies on behalf of merchants, while making exchanges in fiat currencies.

The platform that the company is looking to partner with is UTRUST, a company that hired former eBay and PayPal executive Sanja kon in moving forward with its global partnership expansion.

According to a publication put out through social media:

“It’s not hard to imagine that one of the first partnership Kon would attempt to make would be at the company she was a senior executive at for five years.”

This has left other companies like PayPal to keep speculating about cryptocurrencies with a hands-off on Bitcoin attitude. The company has remained pro Blockchain however, as it thinks that this part of the technology has the best future impact.

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