Coinbase Earn offers crypto learning reward in 19 areas; earn XLM, ZEC, BAT and ZRX


Recently Coinbase made an announcement about a service called Coinbase Earn. This service is supposed to be educational and while the user is learning about crypto they can earn a few simultaneously. This service is available in 19 areas.

Coinbase is a leading cryptocurrency exchange globally. The said service was launched on an invite-only mode. In this mode, only a small number of users will be able to use the service and learn about crypto. These users will be earning ZRX simultaneously as well. Coinbase has also commented on the reason why it created “Coinbase Earn”.

Coinbase stated that its sole purpose was to support and design an open financial system.

A financial system where no one is excluded on a global scale. This vision has not yet come true. It can become a reality once blockchain technology is more easily accessible globally. Accessible as in the technology is easily owned and understood by the masses.

Coinbases’s idea of making users earn crypto while they learn about it is engaging and interesting. The main idea behind this activity is to normalize crypto and make users understand the potential of this technology. With that being said the user will also have a little crypto of their own to try out the crypto space with.

The service comes in the form of the individual lesson and the user is supposed to watch a short video. After taking the lesson the service tasks you with educational takes. These can be in the form of quizzes etc. After completing the task the user is rewarded with some cryptocurrency.

Although Coinbase is available almost all over the world this service is only available in 19 areas. The user must have passed KYC Levels 1 and 2 to be eligible for the service. As of now, Coinbase Earn support cryptocurrencies like XLM, ZEC, BAT, and ZRX.

The complete list of 19 areas include:






Hong Kong





New Zealand



South Korea




The United Kingdom

United States (except New York and Hawaii)

Users from other areas interested in the program sign up for Coinbase Earn if the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is already operational in the country.


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