Talking Crypto: Learn to really understand the world of cryptocurrency


Learn to separate your blockchains from your Bitcoin before you return to the office full time

Back in the days when workers stood around the watercooler (it wasn’t that long ago) the topic of cryptocurrency might occasionally arise. Faced with a conversation that revolved around investing in Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum and Stellar Lumen it might have been easier to nod and smile or fake it by saying the good old Canadian dollar was good enough for you.

Now’s the time to master the world of cryptocurrency and learn to separate your blockchains from your Bitcoin before you return to the office full time. Here’s where to start:

Let the International Academy of Trading help you to understand why cryptocurrencies are more than just digital currency — they’re part of an asset class. You’ll learn all you need to know so you can understand the underpinnings of blockchain technology and begin to trade cryptocurrencies the right way. No need to blow all your Bitcoin in an ill-considered transaction. You’ll get access to live online lessons and use realistic crypto trading simulation software that shows you the ins and outs of live crypto trading. Evaluate your skills one-on-one with professional traders and, better still, earn some real cryptocurrency as a reward for learning about it.

OneMonth Bitcoin

Got a month? These days, who doesn’t? Lifetime access to OneMonth Bitcoin will provide you with the tools you need to think and speak intelligently about the technology of Bitcoin. You’ll develop the skills you need to buy, trade and store your digital currencies. You’ll also get instructions on how to redeem USD$5 worth of Bitcoin on Coinbase and stick it in your own personal digital wallet. With 20 lectures and an additional two hours of content, you’ll be well prepared to re-enter the workplace and confidently answer your co-workers when they ask: “Should I buy Bitcoin?”

Blockchain and Bitcoin Fundamentals

Get up to speed on crypto quickly under the expert guidance of George Levy, chief learning officer and a certified Instructor on blockchain, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency with the Blockchain Institute of Technology. Kick common misconceptions about blockchain and Bitcoin into the digital ditch as you move through the basics, and learn to master more complex topics such as smart contracts and digital tokens.


There’s plenty of free material to read and enjoy on this website devoted to all things crypto, from news and opinions to instructional videos and podcasts and guides to cryptocurrency mining. What effect has the COVID-19 pandemic had on Bitcoin prices? Find out here.

The Complete Ethereum (Cryptocurrency) Guide

Learn to own and trade Ethereum, one of the most popular cryptocurrencies with an almost USD$50 billion market cap. Is it the next Bitcoin or is it poised to be even better than that? In a series of nine lectures and a half-hour of additional content, you’ll learn about the future of Ethereum, how to build your own Ethereum wallet and how to earn Ethereum from sites such as FaucetHub.

The Blockchain Association of Canada

The Blockchain Association of Canada puts a maple-flavoured spin on blockchain and cryptocurrencies as it promotes the responsible adoption of blockchain technology by industries and governments across Canada. The association sees blockchain technology as a way to innovate in every sector of the economy — maybe you will too. Members can enjoy regular meetups, community hackathons, training programs and solving innovation challenges, but there are plenty of free resources available as well.

The Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Master Bundle

This bundle does much more than introduce the basics of Bitcoin. It also teaches you how to accept Bitcoin as payment for your business and how to pay for items using crypto. With cryptocurrencies coming and going (yes they can decline in value, or even collapse entirely) you’ll learn how to analyze ICOs — Initial Coin Offerings — sniffing out scams and making informed investment decisions. You’ll even receive coaching on how to pass the Bitcoin Professional exam, a recognized crypto certification.


The CryptoCompare website features a free-to-access cryptocurrency ticker that provides live, up-to-date crypto prices on the most popular cryptocurrencies. Is Chainlink rising? Is XRP stable? Is Lightcoin falling? Keep tabs on your Tezos right here.

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