Elon Musk Says Mars Settlers Will Use Cryptocurrency, Like ‘Marscoin’


But do people on the Red Planet even need money?

  • Elon Musk says his Mars settlements will likely include cryptocurrency.
  • For people to need money, there will need to be optional things they can buy.It’s not clear how necessities will all be carried to
  • Mars, let alone luxuries.

Elon Musk’s internet corner is abuzz again after Musk agreed that any settlements he makes on Mars will be powered by cryptocurrency like “dogecoin” or, as Musk endorsed on Twitter, “Marscoin.”

What would cryptocurrency mean for people living on Mars? And is there even a traditional currency for the Mars settlers to try to use?

Musk has big dreams for his Mars settlement, which he’s said will be a direct democracy or even somewhere without a governing body of laws.

Either one is a wild claim for a space settlement where resources will be rigidly controlled in order for the settlers to survive—not that Musk necessarily expects them to—and it’s not clear today how Musk will even carry everything to Mars that settlers will need to sustain.

Author: Caroline Delbert

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