Cryptocurrencies to be available at 6,000 outlets in Korea


South Korea’s leading crypto exchange and a mobile payment service provider will work together to make virtual currencies available at thousands of outlets here.

The partnership was made on Monday between crypto exchange Bithumb and Korea Pay’s Service, operator of mobile payment service Pay’s. About 200 franchise brands will allow customers to use the service to pay at 6,000 outlets across the country.

Among the brands are desert cafe Sulbing, Cafe Droptop, seafood buffet restaurant Todai and candle store Yankee Candle.

The two companies will work to make virtual currencies available at 6,000 outlets in the first half of the year and 8,000 by the end of the year.

“We have taken a landmark step,” a Bithumb official said. “We will try hard to set up an environment in which cyptocurrencies are used extensively.”

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