The Influence Bitcoin Has On The Music Industry


We all know that Bitcoin is massive, but it still hasn’t hit that mainstream appeal yet, but if you mention the word in the street to someone they will (most likely) know what you mean.

You don’t only hear the word used by news outlets and fanatics but in music too. There have been several pop stars and rap stars who have mentioned the cryptocurrency in their songs.

For example, Eminem who just last week dropped a surprise album ‘Kamikaze’ mentions the flagship crypto in his new song “Not Alike”. However, Eminem isn’t the first musician to mention Bitcoin in their work.

Akon has recently that he is working on building a whole city in Senegal which would only accept his form of Crypto, Akoin.

While the music industry can be somewhat unpredictable, spreading awareness of cryptocurrency is a good way to get the word out to a mainstream audience.

Throughout this article, we’re going to go through several songs which Bitcoin has influenced.

Eminem – Not Alike

“’Member everybody used to bite Nickel,

Now everybody doin’ Bitcoin”

Let’s start with Eminem, or as he calls himself, the rap god. Following backlash from fans on his last album ‘Revival’, Slim Shady has hit back with an album full of with angry songs full of great lyrics and great beats. The eighth song on his latest album ‘Kamikaze’ called ‘Not Alike’, and featuring Royce Da 5’9, mentions Bitcoin in the above lyric.

If one of the biggest rap artists of all time is starting to write about Bitcoin, where could the limit be?

Ricegum – Bitcoin

Ricegum is an American vlogger who found his fame on YouTube and has previously mentioned Bitcoin on a past diss track to Bhad Bhabie (the cash me outside girl). Despite the song being on the same level as an Eminem tune, Ricegum has racked up 10 million subscribers on YouTube, so he has quite a large fanbase.

Remy – Bitcoin billionaire

A comedy artist making a song about Bitcoin – what could go wrong? Perhaps this is funniest song on our list with lines like:

“A money like my last girl

Completely virtual”

YTcracker – Bitcoin Baron

YTcracker was a computer hacker now turned DJ/Rapper and makes songs about that subject. In his song Bitcoin Baron, he makes a reference to crypto by saying:

“I’m a bitcoin baron, I’m scaring the status quo,

Got that crypto dough in that dat file to blow”

Lil Windex – Bitcoin Ca$h

After naming himself after a cleaning product, Lil Windex went on to write a song about Bitcoin Cash with lyrics like:

“I got that Bitcoin Cash,

Yeah, you could say I got them big boy racks”

It’s hard to think this song isn’t just a boast…

Don’t expect to see any Bitcoins hitting the number 1 in the charts any time soon.

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