EOS (EOS) And Other Coins Added To The Ledger Wallet


EOS is the latest coin to join the Ledger Wallet along with six other new coins. This marks the second round of new coins to be added to the popular Ledger platform in recent months.

In addition to EOS, Ledger now offers support for Hycon (HYC), Fic Network (FIC), Pirl (PIRL), Rise (RISE) and Akroma (AKA), alongside the Ledger-backed cryptocurrency Waves (WAVES).

Ledger is a French company which provides secure hardware crypto wallets to individuals and companies. Using an operating system based on a secure external chip, users are able to safeguard their currencies. They have sold over 1 million wallets globally since the company was founded in 2014.

Ledger currently supports 13 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Etherium. Ledger owners can also access many more cryptocurrencies through third-party apps.

The company hosts a Trello account where users are able to see potential new currencies and vote for the ones they would like to see supported next. EOS had secured 178 votes at the time of writing. It is now marked as “in progress” on the Trello Roadmap.

This Roadmap approach is one of the company’s latest moves towards greater transparency. In a statement, Ledger explained: “The validation process for third-party apps will be simplified with clearer guidelines, giving developers more comprehensive guidance on security good practice, device applications interface, experience, and design requirements.”

Two of the biggest challenges facing cryptocurrency investors are liquidity and transferability. Integration and cooperation between cryptocurrencies, wallets, exchanges, banks and governments are essential if cryptocurrencies are ever going to be widely accepted.

Ledger pointed to coin block producer Cypherglass as the source of support for the latest third-party app integration. In a tweet, they said: “The EOS third-party app was made possible by a @CypherglassBP bounty”.

This isn’t the last we will hear from Ledger as they currently have a further eight crypto assets up for the vote in August, including Particl (PART), Ontology (ONT), Wanchain (WAN), and Kowala (kUSD).

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