Sony Entering The Crypto Industry


In a recent press release by Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc (CSL), a subsidiary of Sony Corporation (NYSE: SNE) made an announcement that they developed cryptocurrency hardware wallet technology. According to the press release, the hardware wallet utilizes IC card technology. “IC” is short for integrated circuit, a radio frequency identification (RFID) technology developed by Sony. The company also mentioned that they’re advancing to commercialization of their cryptocurrency wallet.

In Quote:

“Sony CSL will continue advancing initiatives towards the commercialization of its cryptocurrency hardware wallet technology that allows for safe and secure transactions of digital assets including cryptocurrencies with the aim of furthering the widespread adoption of blockchain technology.”


It’s very exciting to see a major corporation like Sony enter the cryptocurrency space. As companies develop new crypto technology, this adds value to the cryptocurrency industry by making the digital currency more convenient to use and easier to access. October has been a very progressive month overall with many projects and developments in the cryptocurrency space. Several days ago we saw cryptocurrency related app appear on the famous TV show Shark Tank. The app is called Bundil and it helps everyday people get into cryptocurrency by taking their change from daily purchases and investing it directly into cryptocurrency. Another app recently launched on the Android and Apple App Store that helps cryptocurrency use. The app is called Bitplaza and it allows users to spend bitcoin on basically anything and ships worldwide. Projects like these prove that cryptocurrency can be used as a true global currency. The
cryptocurrency sector suffered a bearish trend this year, however the cryptocurrency industry and the technology that surrounds it has made remarkable progress. With a rapidly growing foundation and constant developments, cryptocurrency appears to have a very bright future ahead.

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