Stellar Lumens Bullish Going Into 2019? The Chart Suggests Significant Upside Ahead.


Is Stellar Lumens bullish going into 2019? Is it still on track to reach our Stellar Lumens price forecast of 4 USD ? Questions like these are frequently asked by our readers be it for Stellar or the other selections of InvestingHaven’s top 10 cryptocurrencies and blockchain stocks.

As the cryptocurrency market is bleeding in 2018, or may better ‘has been bleeding until recently in 2018’, we see opportunities to get the select few gems at discounted prices. Stellar Lumens is one of those select few candidates that we believe will outperform when cryptocurrencies recover. Stellar Lumens may be very bullish going into 2019.

When we launched the InvestingHaven Blockchain and Crypto investing service, our team was driven by a strong desire to share the tremendous opportunity we saw in the cryptocurrency market as well as blockchain stocks.  We didn’t want them to miss this opportunity to get involved but most importantly, we wanted to spare them the pains of investing in the 99% that will not survive as per the Tsaklanos 1/99 investing principle.

So to go back and answer if Stellar Lumens price is still Bullish, the answer is yes. We still see the same fantastic opportunity in this market and we still believe that patient investors who see the long term gains will ripe the most rewards.

In fact, and as shared a while ago with premium crypto subscribers, you either trade this market aggressively and cut losses ultra quickly or hold for the long term and stay away from reacting to price movements. Those who end up in between get slaughtered, literally, because they will buy high and sell low most of the time till their capital is gone.

Stellar Lumens bullish into 2019: A very constructive price chart

As we look into the Stellar Lumens price chart, the pattern is clear and so is the path. Our observations are the following:

  • 0.17 has been acting as an important price level. If that support is lost, expect XLMUSD to trade as low as 0.07. That scenario is less likely but risk management is an important part of any successful investing strategy.

We are currently looking at a Stellar Lumens bullish confirmation. The outcome is likely to be one of the 2 following scenarios:

Scenario #1: A sideways movement between 0.17 and 1 USD. The longer the price evolves within this purple price channel, the more potential upside for Stellar’s price.

Scenario #2: Follow through that leads the price to 0.35 thus the upper side of the horizontal channel which will ultimately lead to the major breakout once the price crosses above 1 CAD.

Stellar Lumens bullish 2019

Stellar Lumens bullish into 2019: Fundamental reasons

Ar the fundamentals of Stellar Lumens bullish going into 2019? The answer is yes, and it’s a great confirmation between chart and fundamentals.

From a fundamental perspective, IBM has officially brought its Blockchain World Wire out of Beta, which is an important step forward in terms of adoption for Stellar. Surprisingly, no one is talking about this.

Stellar’s collaboration with the leading Blockchain Wallet is another example of an initiative that could trigger massive adoption rates for Stellar, not only for Stellar’s alliance with another important player in the Crypto field but also because of the massive XLM giveaway the wallet provider is airdropping: $125,000,000 total giveaway where each verified Blockchain wallet will receive $25 worth of XLM, that’s 5 Million users that might start investing or using XLM.

Lastly, Stellar’s price and adoption could also benefit in the future from the ability to issue tokens (ICOs) on Stellar. That could definitely be another positive factor for the Cryptocurrency.

From the chart review as well as the usability and edge Stellar has, we believe the potential to outperform is absolutely there for Stellar. It may not necessarily be the first one to breakout but it will very likely outperform.

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