Ripple: Relative Strength Suggests Ripple Investors Will Be Richly Rewarded


As per our Ripple price forecast 2019 we are strong believers that Ripple’s XRP token will rise to 20 USD. With the recent decline in the crypto space this price target might be delayed somehow. Regardeless whether Ripple meets our target in 2019 or 2020 the point is that it will be an outperformer, and might replace Bitcoin as the largest cryptocurrency in terms of market cap, as per our cryptocurrency predictions for 2019. We get additional evidence from our viewpoint from the Ripple relative strength chart which is included in this article.

We did outline recently that relative strength is most often a much more important notion in the cryptocurrency space than the market cap position. That’s why premium crypto members get access to a tool that shows relative changes for the 300 largest cryptocurrencies, a service that is unique in the world.

Relative strength charts for multiple cryptocurrencies are hard to find, so the easiest way is to look for individual cryptocurrency price charts in Bitcoin price terms.

When we apply this to Ripple’s XRP token we see that the XRP/BTC chart on the long term, which is what matters, shows an amazing trend. There are 2 trends which are crucially important from a chart perspective.

First, Ripple’s price in Bitcoin terms is setting a series of higher lows. This is a trend that started early last year, and continues up until the present day. 

Second, Ripple’s price in Bitcoin terms moves in a rising channel. This is, arguably, the most important trend on this chart. The fact that a chart moves in a rising channel is the most powerful signal for any crypto, stock, asset, market. Very interestingly, Ripple tended to fall until the lowest point in its channel before starting its rise but recently it stopped falling at a higher point. 

All this suggests great relative strength, and underpins our thesis that Ripple will eventually overtake Bitcoin as the largest cryptocurrency. We wrote about our thesis in great detail in our Medium piece: Bitcoin futures will fuel Ripple.

This, of course, creates a great outlook for Ripple investors but, surprisingly, not for all Ripple investors. Only Ripple holders that have bought low, which we consider around or below current levels, and that are able to stand volatility and hold for the long term will be richly rewarded.

Do not underestimate the complexity of holding strong in crypto land. The volatility shakes almost any investor out of his/her positions. Although the premise of 10 to 100 baggers is amazing there is, according to us, less than 5% of crypto investors that really realize the potential profits.

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ripple relative strength


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