How to Print Your Own Bitcoin Cash Paper Wallet


Cryptocurrency might be a digital asset, but that doesn’t mean you have to forgo the sensation of grasping your money in your own hands. Paper wallets are a staple feature of using cryptocurrency and today’s tip is a tool that lets you easily print them for yourself.

How to Use a Paper Wallet Generator

There are many cryptocurrency paper wallet generators you can find online, but if you are going to use a service to secure your money, make sure it’s one you can trust. offers a free and easy to use Bitcoin Cash (BCH) paper wallet generator that’s ideal.

Once you click on the ‘Generate Wallet Now’ button all you have to do is move the cursor around for a short while to create entropy and the service will quickly create a new wallet for you. Then you simply select a cool design you like, click print and that’s it: three simple steps and you’re good to go.

For anyone looking to store large amounts of money in their paper wallet, or eager to learn more about the best way to protect their assets, our paper wallet portal provides instructions for attaining an even higher level of security. This entails downloading the generator and running it on a safe system that you trust without being connected to the internet.

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